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Виберіть один з текстів. Перепишіть в зошит, обов'язково з перекладом.   Sports in UkraineBeginning in the 19th century, sports in Ukraine as wrestling, football and several other sports have attained immense popularity in Ukraine. The interest and attention placed by the Soviet Union towards physical education have proven to be very advantageous to the country. By the time Soviet Union ceased to exist, numerous gymnasiums, swimming pools, stadiums and other kinds of sports centers had already been established within Ukraine. Football in Ukraine (Sports in Ukraine)…Football is the most played and most famous sport among Ukrainians. Vyscha Liha or Ukrainian Premier League is the country’s most significant football league. The Ukrainian First League or Persha Liha ranks second among the Ukrainian leagues. Druha Liga or the Second League is Ukraine’s second most important league. This league is divided into the West (A) and East (B) groups. The Amateur Level is the country’s fourth-le…

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Прочитати, зробити переклад та виписати нові слова.                       My Favourite Profession
As a child, each of us wants to become a cosmonaut, an ice-cream seller, an animal trainer or a chauffeur. Whenever we visit the zoo, we want to become zookeepers or vets. When we go to the circus, we imagine ourselves being animal trainers or acrobats. When we visit the amusement park, we want to become balloon sellers. However, when we grow up, our plans rapidly change. At the moment I’m a secondary school student and my dream profession is an architect. My choice has been influenced by several factors. First of all, it’s the so-called family profession. My grandfather was also an architect and he seemed to like his profession very much. Secondly, my parents and teachers have noticed that I’m rather good at Maths, at drawing and modeling things. I really like inventing and constructing various objects, so this skill might help to succeed in my favourite profession. I know that it’s not e…

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Ukrainian Cuisine The national cuisine reflects the richness of traditions and folkways of Ukrainian people. The most popular and well-known Ukrainian dish is surely borshch, an aromatic and appetizing cabbage-soup of some 20 ingredients. It may be cooked with beef, chicken or pork, baked beets, beans and mushrooms. Borshch is served as the main course with pampushki, soft rolls soaked in garlic. Traditional in the Ukrainian menu are varenyky, a type of boiled dumplings with various fillings (cherries, strawberries, fried mushrooms, curd, chopped liver, etc.) and golubtsy — cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat. Ukrainian cuisine has a variety of dairy meal as well as sweet pastry, including doughnuts, cakes and other cookies. The proud of Ukrainian people is wheat bread, sweet-smelling and light. If you have an occasion to be at the Ukrainian home, you will be charmed by the sincere warmth of hosts and homemade food.

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 Education    in    GreatBritain
The system of education in Great Britain is rather complicated.It is compulsory from the age of five to sixteen.Children under 5 years old receive pre-school education.They go to a nursery school or a kindergarten.Different areas of Great Britain have different school systems.All children receive their primary education between the ages of 5 and 11.Most primary schools are state and free.At about 11 children begin their education at a comprehensive school, or a grammar school.The comprehensive system is non- selective.It means that all children go from one school to another without taking any exams.Those who take the examination go to grammar schools, where they receive more academic education.Some children go to independent schools inn by private organizations, for which their parents have to pay fees.Some pupils especially those who want to apply to university, stay at school for the sixth form or go to …

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The English proverb says: every cook praises his own broth. One can not say English cookery is bad, but there is not a lot of variety in it in comparison with European cuisine. The English are very particular about their meals. The usual meals in England are breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. Breakfast time is between seven and nine a.m. A traditional English breakfast is a very big meal. It consists of juice, porridge, a rasher or two of bacon and eggs, toast, butter, jam or marmalade, tea or coffee. Marmalade is made from oranges and jam is made from other fruit. Many people like to begin with porridge with milk or cream and sugar, but no good Scotsman ever puts sugar on it, because Scotland is the home of porridge. For a change you can have sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, cold ham or perhaps fish. But nowadays in spite of the fact that the English strictly keep to their meals many people just…